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SMS Marketing

User Friendly and Customizable Platform for Managing Mobile SMS Marketing, SMS Planning and SMS Promotions.SMS Marketing is the latest innovation that lets you communicate directly to your target audience in minutes, providing instant results and long term returns. Solutions Infiniā€˜s SMS marketing is Interactive Mobile Platform that enables enterprise to create interactive mobile campaigns directly from desktop. SMS marketing is totally customized SMS solution for enterprises to help them achieve their marketing objectives with minimal efforts With the SMS Marketing you can create mobile campaigns quickly and easily and deliver targeted SMS messages to your potential customers.

SMS Marketing allows you to distribute and deliver targeted SMS messages immediately and effectively. Furthermore, it gives you the ability to measure your SMS marketing service efforts and allow access to prospective clients and qualified leads, instantly. SMS marketing servicecampaign manager controls whether campaigns are a simple push-based SMS message sent out to a database of numbers or are pull-based, waiting for a response from external media i.e. TV, magazines or billboards.

Through our SMS Features, we offer:
Select to send to any database source
Create the message
Personalize messages with information from database, i.e. recipients first
Set date and time of out-bound message delivery

Over the past few years SMS marketing servicehas become a legitimate advertising channel in some parts of the world. Mobile marketing via SMS marketing services has expanded rapidly in Europe and Asia as a new channel to reach the consumer, SMS marketing services typically run off a short code. Besides short codes, inbound SMS marketing serviceis very often based on long numbers.

SMS Marketing has the changed the way information moves in current high tech world. SMS marketing is one of the most focused process & a skilful media technique to promote ones' business. SMS marketing has gained immense momentum in the past few years with the surge in telecom business across the globe. SMS marketing service has picked up largely in the past couple of years with organization exploring newer ways to promote their products & services.

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